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Palace of culture in the city of Rtishchevo
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Palace of culture in the city of Rtishchevo

the undament of Palace of culture of railroad workers was put in 1931. Construction went not so quic
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the undament of Palace of culture of railroad workers was put in 1931. Construction went not so quickly as was planned. The site manager Eger explained it with lack of necessary building materials. The local government repeatedly asked for the help in Management of RUZhD. The date of opening was repeatedly postponed several times, the last was dated for October holidays. The first solemn meeting devoted to the 18th anniversary of October in new Palace of culture took place on November 5, 1935, in two years to the main case the auditorium was attached. "The fine new club is received by rtishchevsky railroad workers by 18th anniversary of October. It is the biggest and most richly equipped club of our road. Real Palace!" — those days the Rabochy Transporta newspaper Ryazano-Uralsky жд so wrote. Recreation center collective was translated from club of young workers (I settled down in the building of the temple And. The Nevsky) where already there was a good amateur performance. From the first days of work of a recreation center becomes the center of cultural and public life of the city and area. Here passed all significant city and regional actions and it was always crowded people. Citizens registered in collectives, sports sections, came to look at performances of the professional collectives which arrived on a tour to take new books in trade-union library or to watch the new movie. During various actions in the Palace the nursery where parents could leave the children worked It is a little history

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In 1941-1945gg. in the building of a recreation center the Poltava military hospital No. 387, and fr
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In 1941-1945gg. in the building of a recreation center the Poltava military hospital No. 387, and from the middle 1944 before the end of war hospital No. 1533 was placed. many employees worked in these hospitals. The nurse of hospital there began the work the oldest worker of a recreation center of G. P. Dolmatov who recently died. In the heaviest military years of a recreation center I helped to stand that who approached the Victory in the back. Art collectives and children's circles which became the second house for the rtishchevskikh of boys and little girls worked. The recreation center was never empty, here work was always humming. So the Kommunist newspaper wrote in December, 1943: "In Rtishchevo the nodal railway Olympic Games the other day ended. A number of amateur collectives, including ensemble under control of P. N. Kolybelin took part. the 1st award was got by the soloist of chorus Dyakova for execution of a number of classical and modern songs. The railroader Dorogov – the 2nd award. The 3rd award is awarded to ballet group as a part of Smolina, Pantyushina and Seliverstova". In military and post-war years performances under the leadership of V. N. Grigoriev, A.I. Malakhov, A.A. Zhuravsky went over with great success.

In post-war years in a recreation center the lecture hall for youth very actively worked, systematic
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In post-war years in a recreation center the lecture hall for youth very actively worked, systematically passed performances of collective of a musical and literary lecture hall of the Saratov philharmonic hall, there came on a tour professional theatrical and art collectives from Moscow, Saratov, Penza, Balashov, etc. In 70 years of work in a recreation center many creative collectives were created, but only some of them stood the test of time especially adequately. And it, first of all chorus of a recreation center under the leadership of P. N. Kolybelin who devoted to favourite business all the life. The choral collective many times won superiority on reviews and competitions of various levels. The collection of diplomas from 1945 to 1977 is stored in archive of the museum. Soloists famous to adult generation of rtishchevets were his pupils: E. Kochetkov, Z. Kabatskov, G. Savin, Savina's brothers, V. Kosyrev, Yu. Sazankov, V. Kornygin, G. Bobrov, Yu Feoktistov, O. Korzhikov and hundreds of other singers of participants of chorus. At the high level there were also wind both string bands and dancing collective. 60-70 years of the 20th eyelid. 60-70 years of the last century were the brightest period in the history of Palace of culture of railroad workers. This period collective was headed by L.V. Prokofiev, the participant of the Great Patriotic War, the Honourable citizen. For many years works he managed to rally round himself talented people and it isn't casual that these years collectives of amateur performances of Palace of culture took the main places on reviews and competitions of various levels. Presented by nature he was a soloist in chorus, played in a theatrical circle, was the professional photographer. Leonid Vasilyevich was one of initiators of creation of the city museum who this year was 35 years old. He wrote for the Put Lenina newspaper about stories much

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Today. Two last decades of the left 20th eyelid were time of big tests for Palace of culture and its
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Today. Two last decades of the left 20th eyelid were time of big tests for Palace of culture and its employees. The social and economic changes happening in the country were reflected in work of Palace of culture. In 1987 the auditorium was closed. With 198 … till 1993 the building of the Palace was on capital repairs. In the changed conditions collective of the Palace, trying to keep up to date, I found new forms and methods of work, keeping thus creative experience of the predecessors. The folk theater brought up not one generation of amateur actors and the audience who in the conditions of lack of an auditorium sought to create something new. So the variety and theatrical genre originating from a propaganda team "Signal" and Folk theater began to develop. There was a Karusel drama school which in 2000 received a high rank of National collective. His head — O.Yu.Ganina studied theatrical skill in children's drama school and at the oldest workers of propaganda teams T.P. Kuzmina and L.I. Ilyukhina. It adopted love to theater from the grandmother M. N. Semenova — the talented amateur actress and this feeling now tries to give to the younger generation. For operating time the collective was repeatedly awarded by diplomas of 1 degrees on regional reviews. Far the chorus of veterans is outside the city known. It was created on the basis of Kind Meetings club which gathered in premises of the National museum in the beginning. The collective has a big repertoire with which they act and in educational institutions, in rural recreation centers, on polling precincts, infecting listeners with cheerfulness and optimism. The worker of a recreation center Eremina N. A. directs collective. Creation of Antikvar group (hands was a bright event in musical life of the city. Yu. Kupriyanov). Its group included such musicians, famous in the city, as Yu. Starostin and I. Malofeyev. As well as 20 years ago this group continues to please listeners with interesting concert programs. The permanent soloist of group I. Malofeyev opened youth studio "Mozaika" recently. From the 90th g in a variety vocal genre there was a soloist E. Korzhikova. The singing Korzhikov' family is well-known in our city. Any city holiday doesn't manage dancing collectives without registration number. Original numbers of Impuls group (hands. S. Biryukov) and "Dolche" (M. Postnikov) also spectator sympathies of thousands of rtishchevets, and an appreciation of experts at various competitions and reviews cause. Tens talented pupils, going to adulthood, with gratitude will be remember time spent in the cultural center.

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