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Презентация по английскому языку "Responsibility"

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Презентация по английскому языку "Responsibility":
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Responsibility<br>Spotlight 11<br>Module 3A<br>
1 слайд

Spotlight 11
Module 3A

Y<br>1 = n<br>nasty<br>
2 слайд

1 = n

1 = c<br>court<br>
3 слайд

1 = c

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Fill in the gaps with the following verbs in the appropriate form: <br>contact, pay, shoplift, threa
12 слайд

Fill in the gaps with the following verbs in the appropriate form:
contact, pay, shoplift, threaten, find, confess.
1If you are caught running a red light, you have to pay a big fine.
2As soon as I realised that my house had been broken into, I contacted the police.
3The woman they arrested confessed to the crime late last night.
4The judge found the three boys guilty of vandalising school property.
5My mum threatened to take away my MP3 player if I don't do well on my exams.
6Mike was caught shoplifting yesterday. He had stolen some batteries and a pair of gloves.

Complete the text with the words in the list: <br>• broken • arrested • convicted • sentenced • conf
13 слайд

Complete the text with the words in the list: 
• broken • arrested • convicted • sentenced • confess • chasing 

My Neighbour the Convict 
Last Sunday was a bad day for my neighbour, Mr Smith. At around 2 p.m I heard a lot of noise coming from the street in front of my house. I looked out the window, only to see six police officers chasing after Mr Smith all around our neighbourhood. The police officers finally caught up with him and arrested him on the spot. It was obvious that Mr Smith had broken the law. Word has it that he was convicted of fraud against the state. On that Sunday, Mr Smith was taken into custody until his court date. At first, Mr Smith refused all accusations against him, but after the evidence was presented to the judge, he had no other choice but to confess to the crime. He was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

Complete the text with the words in the list: <br>pickpocket, realise, witnesses, deal, culprits, ba
14 слайд

Complete the text with the words in the list:
pickpocket, realise, witnesses, deal, culprits, back, muttering, confess

1 It took Jessica a few minutes to realise that someone was trying to break into her house. 
2 When Sarah saw that her wallet was missing, she thought that a pickpocket must have taken it from her bag on the bus. 
3 Morris found it difficult to deal with the fact that the police had arrested his son for shoplifting. 
4 Weren’t there any witnesses who can tell us how the accident happened? 
5 Can you please stop muttering and speak louder so that we can all hear you? 
6 I was shocked to hear that my next-door neighbour was one of the culprits involved in the bank robbery. 
7 As there was no evidence to prove his innocence, the man had to confess to the crime he was accused of. 
8 My so-called friends have been telling lies behind my back.

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